Computer Security Day at CERN: 10 June 2010, Council Chamber

Viruses, phishing, malware and cyber-criminals can all threaten your computer and your data, even at CERN! Experts will share their experience with you and offer solutions to keep your computer secure on Thursday 10 June, from 9:30am, Council Chamber.


There is a full programme of presentations in French and English. Some questions that will be answered:

  • How do hackers break into your computer?
  • Quels sont les enjeux et conséquences des attaques informatiques contre le CERN ?
  • How can criminals steal your money on the Internet?
  • Comment utiliser votre ordinateur de manière sécurisée ?

(also webcasted)

View the full Indico programme here »

Video with english subtitles here


Come along and test your knowledge for a chance to win one of many prizes!

Videos and games

Try your hand at online security games, and watch some security videos!